Our people are at the heart of our success. We prioritize their wellbeing and prosperity, and cultivate a workplace where everyone is respected, supported, and empowered. As a company, we share a passion for helping others and we put this into action, whether mobilizing quickly to bring provisions to a disaster-stricken community, or enabling a retail customer to rapidly bring a store brand to market and make it a success.

Our global team is comprised of passionate people with the drive to innovate and inspire This is reflected in the quality and safety of our foods, and in our high standards of reliable, on-time service. Our commitment to partnership is genuine, and our shared values compel us to operate with honesty and accountability.

Our Mission

Empower our customers with innovative consumer products and solutions, and make a difference in our communities with great-tasting, high-quality foods that help people thrive.

Our Purpose

Lead by making a positive impact serving customers and communities well is our company’s proud legacy and our future. We are energized by our ambition to “be different and be better” as we continually evolve to bring delicious, convenient, and nutritious foods to the table.

All Our Actions are Underpinned By Our 5 Core Values:

  • Teamwork: winning together across boundaries
  • Integrity: striving to always do the right thing
  • Passion and courage: working with passion to create value for our customers, consumers and other stakeholders, and prosperity for our employees
  • Respect for people: valuing our people and diversity while showing leadership with clarity, openness, and fairness
  • Ownership and accountability: taking personal responsibility for our actions