Our company is comprised of diverse teams united by a culture of service and the desire to make a positive impact wherever help is needed most. We are always prepared to respond and deliver nutritious food on the scale required to help strengthen and sustain communities in crisis, whether due to natural disasters, conflict, civil unrest or other situations that restrict vital necessities and put lives in peril.

Baxters Foods has a rich history of partnering with governmental agencies and NGOs worldwide to provide disaster relief and humanitarian aid when the need is urgent, we are ready to mobilize and deliver quickly and efficiently. By providing on-the-ground support with nutritious meals, we supply a reliable, consistent source of sustenance in the face of uncertainty and disarray.

“This gift of baby food is by far the most meaningful gift our mothers could receive at a time like this. Many are now finding themselves as refugees due to the war and their number one worry has been ‘how will I take care of my baby?’ Your gift answers that problem in a very wonderful and timely manner. Thank you!”

Steve Boles
Executive Director
Mission to Ukraine

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