Being a socially responsible and ethical organization has been an unwavering ambition of ours for four generations. We believe it is our responsibility to help build a sustainable future and meet the demands of a changing environment.

As partners, we conduct business with integrity and transparency. As a global family, united and energized by our “be different, be better” ethos, we work together to improve the lives of people in communities worldwide. And we put great care into choosing what to put into our food, and what to leave out, so that we can all enjoy delicious, healthy, and convenient foods that are good for consumers and kind to the environment for many years to come.

Flat lay composition with pieces of cardboard and green branch.

Always learning and being mindful of our impact on communities and the environment, we work to make well-informed choices and actively participate in making progressive strides. We are deliberate in our relationships with suppliers, carefully determining who is aligned with our philosophy, and equally, who is not, always seeking out opportunities to partner locally with trusted resources.

As a food manufacturer, we are conscientious about using energy responsibly and continue to work to improve our efficiency. As with energy, sustainability conversations are impacting packaging formats and the way we collectively think about packaging now and in the years ahead. We continue to learn and explore the evolving options as we look to the future.

Social Responsibility at Baxters NA Rests On Four Pillars:


People & Culture

We prioritize the wellbeing of employees and cultivate a diverse and inclusive workplace in which everyone is respected, supported, and empowered.



We work collaboratively to meet the changing requirements of all stakeholders and conduct business with integrity and professionalism.



We help build a sustainable future through the responsible use of energy, regular process reviews, and our interest in the sustainable packaging movement.



We help improve the lives of people in communities worldwide through our work with humanitarian and relief organizations, and by sourcing our ingredients locally when possible.