Baxters North America works closely with you to match and source the same enteral gravity feeding bags and fitments.

We’re on the Forefront of Medical Nutrition

Choose to work with us as the only provider of medical device fitment pouches and specialized blended formulas. This groundbreaking enteral device defines the future of direct-connect nutrition delivery – blended and nonblended. The future of Enteral Feeding is here.

  • Direct connect to the feeding tube
    • ENFit direct connect, (60-330 mL), Class II Medical Device Fitment pouch
  • Tamper evident color cap
  • Pre-formed pillow and stand-up pouch

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  • Patented 510k medical device
  • Deliver systems with design and size of the pouch
  • Blended food and unique formula
  • Specially designed equipment that medical device pouches
  • Quality agreement
  • Spout sizes
  • Convenience