At Baxters North America, our Wornick Foods team has been a trusted military supplier for over 40 years and a partner that delivers great-tasting, high-quality foods. We excel in providing individual and group rations that meet the nutritional needs of service members. Also, we have proven expertise in developing innovative packaging and other solutions to preserve food integrity under challenging conditions.

We put our “Be different. Be better.” philosophy into action as we partner to meet unique specifications and timely delivery of those in training and on the front lines.

Nutritious Foods Made to Perform

Nutritionally complete, specialized caloric and performance requirements meet not only nutritional but situational demands. Our rations are made to withstand cold and hot climates, high altitudes, and other extreme environments, and distributed through a sophisticated and durable logistical network.

In partnering with the U.S. military, we take pride in our ability to meet exacting specifications and safety and quality regulations, through robust best practices and scalable capabilities. Understanding the critical role of the military, we do so with optimum efficiency, accountability, and tenacity, ensuring consistently reliable delivery. Our focus is on helping to ensure that troops stationed in the U.S. and overseas maintain peak, mission-ready performance.

Individual and Group Rations

  • MRE (Meals, Ready to Eat)
  • UGR – H&S (Unitized Group Rations – Heat and Serve)
  • HDR (Humanitarian Daily Rations) FEMA, also known as, Emergency Rations