How often are the pay increases?

There is consideration for an annual increase and or for promotions as well.

Are there frequent opportunities for advancement?

Absolutely. We have positions open when employees are promoted, and other roles are opened as we grow.

Is there a probationary period? 

We currently do not have a probationary period.

Is there work flexibility? 

We do not have flexibility on the production side of our business. We have three shifts and often operate 6-7 days a week.

When do benefits start? 

Benefits start the first day of the month following 60 days of employment.

How much vacation do I get? How much sick time?  

You accrue vacation each pay period. Each new employee is eligible for 2 weeks. Unused vacation rolls over to the next year.

Do I have to work weekends?

We do have weekend work. It is dependent upon the production schedule.

Can I sign up for overtime? 


I have pre-scheduled time off can you accommodate?

We would review this prior to the start date.

What time does orientation start?

We are starting at 8:00 am.

What is the dress code for the position?

For office staff it is business casual. For employees who work on the production floor it is casual but must meet GMP requirements.

Are steel toes required?

We do require steel-toed shoes while on the production floor.

What should I expect with the first week regarding my schedule?

You would follow the schedule you were hired to work, i.e., 1st is 7 am; 2nd is 3 pm and 3rd is 10 pm.

When will I receive my first paycheck?

Our work week is Monday through Sunday. We are paid each week on Friday for the previous week worked.