Proudly family-owned for more than 150 years, our business has transformed over the decades to a leading multinational corporation, but our entrepreneurial ambition to be different and to be better has stayed the same. We create nutritious, great-tasting, high-quality food, bringing our collective expertise and commitment to the table.

At Baxters NA, we deliver on our promises to customers, even in the most challenging circumstances, and continue to evolve to meet the needs of our customers, consumers, and other stakeholders. In this way, we uphold a proud legacy of dedication and continuous innovation that feeds and serves our communities.

Serving our customers well means fulfilling not only expectations but aspirations. Our internal pledge to “Be Different. Be Better.” drives us to create innovative nutritional solutions, created to meet high-stakes health and situational demands, or simply to satisfy and delight. We commit ourselves to being there for families, patients, businesses, and communities, bringing great care and attention to detail to everything we do.

As a global organization, we work together to improve the lives of people in communities worldwide through local initiatives and investments and help build a sustainable future by making conscious, socially responsible choices.

Why Baxters?

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