Convenience is key for many consumers, and ready-to-heat frozen foods offer just that, making them one of the fastest-growing categories in the grocery store. Within this category, frozen macaroni and cheese has amassed a devoted following. The trend is likely to continue, and Baxters empowers brand owners and retailers to seize this growing market opportunity.

Our frozen macaroni & cheese has everything devotees are looking for – and more. Within minutes, your customers can enjoy pasta cooked to al dente perfection, bathed in creamy, decadent cheese sauce, packed and frozen at its peak for ideal consistency.

We can also work with you to put your own spin on this classic comfort food with innovative combinations of vegetables, protein add-ons, and seasonings. Partner with our culinary team to bring your ideas to the freezer aisle and entrust Baxters to deliver a competitive advantage.

Customers also benefit from our complete frozen food processing capabilities, which help ensure consistent quality and speed to market.


  • Continuous blanching operations
  • Homogenization
  • Proprietary high-speed continuous blend and fill process
  • High-speed automated case pack operation
  • Bulk and individual serving sizes

Product Capabilities

  • Homestyle White Mac & Cheese
  • Traditional Yellow Mac & Cheese